Persephone Days

Modified on: November 9, 2017

“Contemplating Persephone Days as I tend my tiny patch of Earth helps me appreciate the seeds and roots, confidently holding a place for future life, in their small and fragile constructs, in the dark.”—note from a UUCS member

It has been a joy to listen to many of you this fall reflect on the meaning of seasons. A number of you have shared with me what you feel within yourself as days darken and winter comes; and of how much the warmth and light of this congregation offer you energy, renewed each week, during the colder months.

Persephone Days, as one friend calls this time: this time of quiet, Spring waiting in the Winter earth.

This month in worship we will Share the Plate in support of the Spartanburg Earth Day Festival, begun and hosted by our church. This year’s festival will take place on Earth Day—Saturday, April 21. That is seasons away from us now.

But during these Persephone Days, we can place a seed for Spring itself, holding a place for future life in the dark.

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