Pay Attention

Modified on: December 7, 2017

At the heart of human spirituality, in its many forms, is our experience of living on earth. Our stories, our songs, our rituals and symbols, our histories, our philosophies, our explorations: each is rooted in the question of how to live in this time and space. There are many answers through which to think and from which to choose;

but in many traditions, more than an answer, there is a repeated reminder, a simple practice to ground ourselves in the reality of our lives:

pay attention.

We are urged to pay attention to this moment we inhabit, to ask questions of our living even when answers evade us, to value our finite lives as of infinite worth.

This December, we will hold three events to help us pay attention to this moment in our life on earth, celebrating the winter solstice. Come to experience our passage through time and space, our lives turning through the stars together.

Come to remember, in this passing moment, your infinite worth.

“Prelude to the Solstice”
Sunday, December 17 @ 11:00am
Prepare for our celebration of the winter solstice by entering the darkness, together.

A Solstice Concert
with folksinger Tom Neilson
Sunday, December 17 @ 6:30pm
A mid-winter concert to benefit the Spartanburg Earth Day Festival in the spring.

“A Celebration of the Solstice”
Thursday, December 21 @ 6:30pm
An evening celebration of the passage through darkness to light.

A Joyful Winter to Every One,

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