Modified on: July 2, 2020

“…anti-racism work presents an opportunity for spiritual transformation powerful enough to eliminate the devastating violence and oppression of systems of domination based on race, ethnicity, and culture. Anti-racist partnerships offer a home base for this work—a spiritual and political foundation that provides opportunities for collaboration and accountability. Thus, creating partnerships can be a formative spiritual task. In addition to exerting greater influence on political issues and creating more equitable conditions in our communities, partnerships help to create new relationships. They require all parties to share and redistribute power within the alliance while simultaneously working for change on a broader scale.” (“Creating Partnerships for Anti-racist Action” by Susan Leslie, from Soul Work, p. 208)

Thank you to Alice Sutton, Barbara Dorsey, and the whole Social Justice Council; Rick Hahnenberg, Linda Leible, and the 2019-20 Board of Trustees; Anne Waters and the team at Hub City Writers Project; and most of all you, the congregation and community who created, activated, and have sustained this transformative partnership:

We are doing the work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone—


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