Our Radical Interconnectedness

Modified on: December 5, 2020

Earth Day 2020 is April 22, a day when we celebrate the deep ecology of our existence. We are interdependent with all things. In this pandemic, we see this startling truth—boundaries, divisions, nationalities, borders, bodies, and even 6 feet of empty space do not separate us from one another. We are radically interconnected.

This Saturday, April 18, would have been our Spartanburg Earth Day Festival, which has been canceled because of the pandemic. We are living a strange parallel—the beauty of the Earth blooms all around us, while our plans abruptly stop.

May this be a time to synchronize with the Earth, and to renew: to slow ourselves, to feel and think the depth of who we are, to pare down to the essentials of our lives. And in so doing may we breathe with the Earth, and with all beings heal the web of our mutual existence.

This is a good day—


Litter Pick-Up

If you are taking walks for exercise, consider picking up trash as you walk. You can:

  • Do so as a spiritual practice, caring for yourself and for the ecological community of which we are all a part. Make safety during the pandemic part of your mindfulness practice:
    • Be sure to use gloves.
    • Be mindful of traffic.
    • Wash hands carefully at the end of your sweep.
  • Make this an act of advocacy. Data drives policy change. Become a citizen scientist by joining SC Aquarium’s April Solo Sweep Challenge. A solo sweep is a litter sweep where social distancing is respected. The sweep is conducted alone or with the family group you are distancing with and right in your neighborhood to observe the stay at home rules. How can you participate?
    • Pick up litter as you walk and note it on the Solo Neighborhood Sweep Form.
    • o Download the South Carolina Aquarium Citizen Science app and join the Litter-free Digital Journal project.
    • When you collect and log any litter during the month of April, go into the Litter-free Digital Journal project and click Add Observation.
    • Look for Events, and choose the April Solo Sweep Challenge.
    • Add your litter to the log and select Save.
    • If you like, e-mail Joyce Harrison (jharrison1253@charter.net) your trash count, and she will keep a running tally of total litter collected by UUCS.

Help Our Undocumented Neighbors

In partnership with Alianza Spartanburg (previously the Hispanic Alliance) and the PASOs site in Spartanburg, UUCS has established a fund to provide direct assistance to individuals and families who will not receive federal assistance through the CARES Act because of their immigration status—even though they pay taxes. Even if only one family member is out of status, no one in the family will receive funds—even children who are US citizens.

You may give to this fund here: https://uucs.org/share-the-plate-contribution/. All gifts will go to direct assistance for these families. Thank you for building a more livable world for us all.

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