Once More

Modified on: October 15, 2020

Once more let me thank you for the way we are all working together.

We care, for one another and our community. In the furor of an election, conflicting public health directives, undermined data, and pervasive anxiety, our congregation has continued to make a major difference in the lives of many, many, many people. From mask-making to food collections to funds for immigrants to voting justice to care for each other, the level of engagement and service we have shared since March exceeds all expectations.

Please always feel welcome to reach out to me or to any member of our Board with questions, concerns, and ideas. You are a part of this congregation and your perspective matters. You can reach me directly by e-mail, call, or text at minister@uucs.org / 864-590-8260. Your views and your thoughts, no matter what they are, are always welcome.

Thank you for making this such an exceptional community of care and service. I am very proud to serve with you–


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