Now Is the Time To Speak

Modified on: December 5, 2020


Over the last few days, we have seen our Governor begin reopening businesses and public spaces following a brief period of quarantine. This is in contradiction to, and apparent disregard for, every credible public health official’s counsel. South Carolina’s rate of infection has not yet peaked, and reopening public spaces is a formula for spikes in infection and mortality. This risks overburdening our healthcare system; jeopardizes our healthcare workers, and puts in danger any of us who may need medical care.

Now is the time to speak. Please: Urge our Governor to not lift the stay at home order until the rate of infection has declined for 14 straight days and widespread testing is available to trace new infections. Reopening schools or businesses now will hurt, not help, our economic recovery.

Call SC Governor McMaster [(803) 734-2100] or fill in this contact form ( today.

I know it can seem as if we are not heard. I know advocacy can seem hopeless. It is not. Our combined voices speak loudly.

It is time—


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