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A New Idea

Social Justice Discernment Process Update

Throughout the winter and spring during Sunday services and at additional educational events, we have considered six social justice projects—3 local and 3 national/global—that we might choose to focus on as a congregation in the coming year. We have held three congregational dialogues to further explore these options. We will vote on these choices at our Annual Meeting on June 14.

The projects focus on: support for the immigrant community in Spartanburg and our nation; a congregational anti-racism process to examine ourselves and to become a more conscious and engaged anti-racist congregation; being a neighbor in the South Converse neighborhood; working for voting justice in our state and nation; and ecological action through litter pick-ups, data collection, and advocacy.

Our study has led to an additional project idea which would combine many of these projects into one project. Acknowledging the interconnectedness of many of these issues, the primary importance of examining ourselves so we can do this work well, and the investment our congregation has already made in many of these areas, this combination option would be led by teams organized by the Social Justice Council:


Combination Project: Once/quarter, we would gather as a congregation to do the work of consciousness through workshops and dialogues on becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppression, multicultural congregation. From this commitment to consciousness, four teams would work on four distinct projects in the areas of Immigration, Voting, Ecology, and Being a Neighbor. These projects would be done in cooperation with partners in each of these areas: Alianza Spartanburg/PASOs (Immigration); the League of Women Voters (Voting); USC-Upstate/the SC Aquarium (Ecology); and the South Converse Neighborhood Association (Being A Neighbor). The following diagram illustrates this project idea:

Please plan to join in one final Social Justice Dialogue via Zoom, on Sunday, June 7 at 1:00 pm, to review all of our options before we vote as a congregation at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 14.

With gratitude and excitement,


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