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The Summer Solstice

Scott J. Neely

June 20, 2019

“the sun and stars burst through
clouds, risking all
to shed light

and who are we that we don’t?” (“sun & stars”, by Marlanda Dekine)

This Friday evening, June 21, come to the joy of the Summer Solstice Celebration at UUCS. We will drum, dance, and revel in the shortest night of the year. Midsummer Night is a time of mischief and magic, when the veil between this world and beyond thins and opens. Come enjoy the pulse of light in your veins.

6:30pm Drum Circle
7:00pm Solstice Celebration
Gather on the back lawn of UUCS if weather permits
Gather in the Sanctuary if rain and storms



Share & Enjoy

Scott J. Neely

June 13, 2019

On Sunday, June 23 immediately after our Sunday service, we will celebrate our annual picnic. Come for fellowship in the cool indoors and for games within and without. Bring a dish to share in our potluck, and marvel at the bounty we create together. It is good to stop and be together–come share and enjoy the richness of our community.

With gratitude,