Minister’s Blog


Scott J. Neely

May 6, 2021

Last Sunday, after our Sunday service and fourth Consciousness Dialogue, I zoomed with a cohort of fellow Divinity School alums from across the country. They had invited me to present on the life of our congregation, to share all we are doing together.

They could not believe all that we have done to care for each other and our community this year. After two hours of discussion, they asked me to return next month to share more.

You are unbelievable. We are unbelievable. We are love beyond what can be believed.

We keep on.

With immense gratitude–


We Work Together

Scott J. Neely

April 29, 2021

This weekend, come work together to build a church for every one of us:

  • Celebrate May Day on Saturday, May 1 with a church clean-up day! Come join us to help get our church grounds looking good. We will meet from 9:00 am-12:00 pm Saturday morning. Bring shovels, clippers, weed whackers, all the stuff you can use. We have had a great growing spring. Now we need to bring a bit of order to our lovely place. Buildings and Grounds members thank you for helping.
  • On Sunday, May 2 at 12:15 pm after our service, we will hold our fourth congregational dialogue on becoming an anti-racist, anti-oppression, multicultural congregation. There will be a hybrid option to participate–in person distanced and wearing masks, or via Zoom. These dialogues have been rich, challenging, and open, with all views welcome and a spirit of community filling the conversation. Even if you have not attended the previous dialogues, please join us on May 2! All are invited and welcome. The Zoom info to link to the meeting virtually can be found on April 29 Happenings.