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Saturday, May 27th Expresso Yourself Coffeehouse

Patrice Fentiman & Ron FowlerRon and Patrice

The coffeehouse this month will feature our own Ron Fowler and Patrice Fentiman. Ron and Patrice are a favorite duo of our church and coffeehouse. They have performed at several past coffeehouses and have totally enthralled the audience. Alone, they are a delight to hear. Together they are AWESOME! You don’t want to miss this coffeehouse of our beloved members weaving their web of heartwarming tunes.

Humanist Meeting

Our June Humanist meeting will take place on Wednesday, June 10 in the Fellowship Hall at UUCS. Come at 6:30 p.m. for socializing and at 7:00 p.m. for the meeting.

Our program for June will be an in-depth report on The National Humanist Convention being held in Charleston, SC from June 8 until June 11. Mary and Don Miles and Barbara and Marion Tisdale will be attending the sessions and hope to learn what is going on in the humanist world both nationally and locally. There is a meeting of representatives of the SC local humanist chapters on June 8 which we are looking forward to. We ‘ll bring back news of their size, meeting frequency, outreach efforts and programming ideas and hopefully explore possibilities for interactions.

Annabelle Gurwitch, Keynote Speaker, Adam Savage, Humanist of the Year and 4 more awardees and honorees will be speaking and sharing their experiences and ideas with us. We’ll report on all the good ideas and summarize so that we can all be aware of happenings in the larger humanist community.

Our UUCS ministerial Candidate will be attending our humanist meeting in June. We encourage everyone to come at 6:30 for the social time and take this opportunity to meet him and to get to know him.

Remember Wednesday, June 10 and plan to come. The Spirit of Reason and Sanity needs you.

See you there.

UUCS Humanist

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