Minister’s Blog


Scott J. Neely

September 21, 2017

Over the course of this week, I have been welcomed into a number of folks’ homes, members of our congregation and also members of the greater community, to sit with one another and talk about our lives—where we have been, where we have arrived, where we may go. We have shared much laughter, and sadness too. And with each person, we would look out the window, or walk the yard, and bask in the warm September light.

Fall is with us now, beautiful and a little melancholy. It has been good to share it with many of you.

The world will soon show itself in glory, the gold, red, orange brightness of trees moving around us.

And when we welcome each other, we are that glory too,

warmth and light and brightness

moving, trees in a great forest,



Gathering of Waters

Scott J. Neely

September 14, 2017

This Sunday, September 17, 2017, we will celebrate our congregation’s annual ingathering. Bringing together water from the many places through which we have passed this summer, we will be rejoined as a community. Come.

We will gather mindful of the necessity and beauty of water, and also of its destructive force. This past Sunday as we sang together, Hurricane Irma followed its relentless path over neighboring Caribbean nations to strike Florida and move north. Three congregants in our midst had traveled from coastal Georgia and Florida, seeking sanctuary before the storm.

For the past two Sundays, we have Shared the Plate on behalf of Hurricane Harvey Relief in Texas. This  Sunday, we will Share the Plate once more, for  Hurricane Irma Relief. This is an extraordinary circumstance, to hold this special offering for three consecutive Sundays; we have seen extraordinary circumstances unfold in these successive storms.

Come Sunday, offering water from your journeys to commune with the water we each will bring; offering gifts for those overwhelmed by wind and waters from the sea.