Modified on: May 10, 2018

Some families are pleasant to be a part of; some are absolutely not. And many are ambiguously in between. In my own experience, I have never encountered a family that is not dysfunctional—my own included.

But the metaphor of family is powerful, and in a congregation such as ours, we have in a sense chosen a family for ourselves—one of faith and hope, as our covenant says.

The Buddhist tradition teaches a meditation called “metta”—lovingkindness, extended to all beings everywhere. And the metaphor used is of a family, both intimate and vast:

Let us cultivate boundless goodwill…
Even as a mother watches over her child, so with boundless mind should one cherish all living beings,
Radiating friendliness over the whole world,
Above, below, and all around, without limit.

(from the Metta Sutta; Singing the Living Tradition #596)

May the family we choose here at UUCS be one of lovingkindness, for every being, whatever our inevitable dysfunctions may be.

Without Limit,


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