May 11 – From Rev. SB:  

Modified on: August 22, 2017

Hi Everyone—

I came out of last Sunday’s annual meeting feeling quite elated about where the church has been this past year and more importantly where you are going. The announcement by Jule Klotter and Tracy Stapleton of the Ministerial Search team that a Candidate has been selected thrilled all of us. But this is just one of many things going on that heralds a great ending to a great year of ministry by this church to one another, our community, and the world. Even without the Candidate announcement, there was a lot of good news reported by our outgoing and incoming Presidents (Andrew Waters and Rick Hahnenburg, resp.) regarding our finances, committee activities, and membership. New officers were elected and the transition will take place on July 1, when the 2017-18 church year begins. Thank you to all of you who attended, and all of you who make UUCS such an exciting place and loving place to be a part of.

Last week, we were notified that we have been awarded a Chalice Lighter Call in response to an application that Karen Mitchell (on behalf of Building and Grounds) and I submitted back in the Fall for accessibility to Wilde Hall…. more information will be coming soon.

Another piece of great news is that a couple of months ago, I asked several of the health professionals in the church if they would be interested in putting together a Congregational Nursing Program. Betty Koester, RN stepped up to lead this effort and I’m so excited that a number of you are now forming up this effort! Betty immediately informed me of a fast-approaching deadline for a giveaway of defibrillators and this week she got some good news about that—see in News →.

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