Knowledge & Humility

Modified on: March 22, 2018

“…we must pursue both knowledge and humility in order to encounter difference without colonizing it.” (Dr. Lisa Johnson-Marsala)

In January, our congregation welcomed Dr. Jason Hansen of Furman University to talk about the global refugee crisis, and how different Western societies have responded to people from different regions and cultures seeking asylum in their communities:

In February, we welcomed Dr. Caroline Caldwell-Richmond of New Mind Health & Care to speak about joy in the midst of struggle, speaking of her experience as a woman of color to assert the power of love to change ourselves and our world:

This Sunday, March 25, Dr. Lisa Johnson-Marsala will lead our service—and it will be extraordinary. For more than 10 years, Lisa has served as Director of the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies at USC-Upstate. A member of UUCS, she will challenge us to think about Women’s History through the question of “Whose History?” Lisa’s distinguished career has constantly sought to foreground the stories and voices of women across differences of class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ableism, and gender identity:

And the music will be unbelievable.

We live in a world of difference. These leaders of thought and action urge us to see ourselves as people of difference together, to become people of knowledge and humility, that we may value one another just as we are, that we may create a more livable world for us all.


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