In Praise of Keith Plumley

Modified on: September 17, 2020

Dear friends,

After more than 10 years of faithful service and more than 300 Sunday services, our beloved Keith Plumley has decided it is time to step down as Director of Music. Keith has given all of us more than we will ever know,

  • filling our services with beauty
  • planning and organizing music, musicians, worship, and much more when no one else was looking
  • developing our choir into a strong and enduring musical team that shows us all what we can create when we work together
  • and simply caring for each of us.

He will be sorely missed. Speaking personally as only one example, Keith has been an essential guide for me these last three years, teaching me the worship and music traditions of a religious movement to which I am an outsider. We all owe him an enormous debt of thanks.

Keith has asked for his last day to be October 30. Ever humble, he prefers we not shine the spotlight on him too much—but we will honor him, in gratitude for what he has given us. Please reach out to him with your appreciation, and please watch for more information on how we will celebrate Keith’s legacy at UUCS.

With gratitude,


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