Help Us Rebuild Keith Plumley’s Celebration Video!

Modified on: November 24, 2020


This Sunday, we celebrated Keith Plumley’s retirement after 10 years of service as our Music Director. The day was beautiful, the music glorious, the presence of so many of you a gift.

However, our livestream and back up video both did not work. Our A/V team wrestled with this on site and remotely during and long after the service.

What we do have is an excellent audio recording. We would like to reconstruct the video based on this recording by creating a movie made up of photos and videos from Sunday.

If you have photos or videos from Sunday morning’s service, not only of Keith but of our whole gathering, please send them to Alan Jenkins at by Sunday, November 29. Alan has heroically agreed to cobble together our images into the best video possible, to memorialize Keith’s celebration.

Thank you for helping us rebuild the video of so beautiful a day.

Thank you all—


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