“Have You Seen the Elephant?”

Modified on: April 12, 2018

I was stepping out of a room full of animals when I ran into four human creatures—two grandparents and two grandchildren. It was clear who was in charge.

“Have you seen the fox?” asked one of the children.

“I have,” I responded.

“Have you seen the wolf?”

“Yes,” I said, feeling the enthusiasm of the child come up in me too. The animals were remarkable to see.

“Have you seen the giraffe?”

“I have! It is my favorite, the way its neck curves back. And the fox is looking at it very carefully.”

“And have you seen the elephant? Look, it’s there. It’s right there. You have got to see the elephant.”

He is right. You have got to see the elephant.

All this month, the art of Grace Jerome Lloyd is on display at the West Main Artist Co-op in Spartanburg. Grace grew up in our congregation and celebrated her wedding in the UUCS Sanctuary just this winter. A highly versatile artist, her papier-mache animals fill the main gallery, crafted and hilarious and carefully watching visitors who wander among them. This is beautiful work.

All month we are reflecting on people who speak with plants and animals, those who love the living things of the world and who generate life through their care for all that lives.

I saw it in the child who met me in the gallery. And I felt it too. These sculptures speak life.

You have got to see the elephant.

“Living Paper Creatures by Grace Jerome Lloyd
Opening Reception: April 14, 5-9pm
West Main Artists Coop
578 West Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29301

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