UUCS Fundraising

Throughout all the challenges we have faced this year, your love has lifted us higher. This congregation has done amazing things throughout the pandemic. We have remained together by tuning into digital services, Zoom gatherings, and carefully organized, safely managed in-person gatherings. Our church family has cared for one another and for our community to sustain our connection with one another and to build a more livable world for us all. Under the strain of a global pandemic and the pressure of multiple social crises, our congregation has stepped forward in extraordinary ways. We have taken wise and measured actions, and we have experienced an expansion of ministry when our community and our nation need it most. Just by being a part of this congregation, each of us is already contributing our presence and energy to the life of our congregation. We are all contributors to the work of this church. Below are ways that your generosity can continue to sustain our congregation, enhance our facilities, and grow our outreach.

Outfitting our church with an elevator will change the core of our  church facility, creating connection and accessibility for us all.