From Your President – September 2020

Modified on: August 30, 2020

As we move into September we have had a couple of chances to see each other in the last month. The food drive for Total Ministries and the Grimké mural dedication brought us together. What wonderful ways to get together.

The Social Justice team is working on ways to get the vote out for November. If you want to help please contact Alice Sutton,  In mid-August the sewing team members completed 3,000 masks.

The board has decided it is time to complete the kitchen in Wilde Hall. All contractors are working now to finish their jobs. We have purchased the appliances and are waiting for delivery. Work is underway to find a path to complete the elevator in the next year.

I found out that 3 members of our church are involved with a Covid 19 vaccine trial happening here in the Upstate. I wish them well and a big thank you for stepping up to do this.

In June our outgoing President Rick started a COVID-19 Team. The team’s role is to provide the Board with clear, science-based guidance. The COVID team has identified a two-tiered approach for building use:

  1. a baseline–that the building remains closed until science-based reopening criteria are met–we are far from meeting any of those criteria, and so the guidance is for the building to remain closed at present
  2. variation from the baseline–that in order to fulfill our mission of care for one another and our community, there are times that we need to permit access to the building, under strict public health protocols.

The Board considers these requests for variation on a case-by-case basis and decides on building use.

As we move into September, wear your masks everywhere, keep your family and friends safe and practice social distancing. Don’t hesitate to call on any board member if you need something. At some point we will be able to come back together. I want to see every one of you there.

Stay Safe,

Linda Leible

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