From Your President – September 2018

Modified on: August 15, 2018

Dear Members and Friends,

As I sit in the Sanctuary on a Sunday morning, calmed by the beautiful space, energized by the vibrant people surrounding me, transported by beautiful music and inspiring sermons, I am reminded as a leader to appreciate this part of the church life as the sustenance which balances the considerable work so many of us contribute to maintain and develop the church, the grounds, and the many systems and ministries.

As updates, in July we incurred the expense of replacing the large air conditioner for sanctuary. The good news is that we identified some regular maintenance practices which should serve to make the new unit last much longer than the last one. We will also be cutting down a couple of dead or dying trees in the back area.
For four years we have let our bylaw-defined Long-Range Planning committee languish, as we worked through changes in leadership and undertook a long quest to find a settled minister. With Rev. Neely now settled, we have entered a period of greater stability, and we can focus more on developing long-term goals, informed by the leadership of our minister. An initial focus of Long-Range Planning will be to define facility needs which can be addressed through the ongoing development of the Wilde Hall space (below the Sanctuary) along with other physical improvements.

In that regard, the Wilde Hall Task Force continues with the planning of the Wilde Hall kitchen, for which we will take advantage of volunteer professionals to perform the specialized installation tasks free of charge to the church. The Task Force has also worked to clear out old items and materials from downstairs storage areas and has made a new practice space for the Choir in the former equipment room.

Please look forward to our Volunteer Fair on Sunday, September 16, before and after worship service. It is a great chance to chat with the leaders in our many areas of church operation and mission, and you might just find a committee or group you would like to join!

In love and peace,

Fred Stoll

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