From your President Rick

Modified on: August 22, 2017

Usually, July is one of the slowest times on our church calendar, when most of our committees are dormant except for our always-faithful Worship Committee members who plan our Sunday programs for us. This July has been different, as your Board of Trustees has spent a considerable amount of time trying to hire a new minister for this religious society. We have talked to UU congregations from Charlotte to Clemson south to Columbia and north to Asheville. We have made several contacts with UUA folks and we even made an application for an Interim Minister. The Board of Trustees is very pleased to announce, though, that we have reached an agreement with Scott Neely to be our next Contract Minister at UUCS. Scott will be heading off for a family vacation and his first sermon as our Minister will be Sunday, August 20. The Board hopes many of you can welcome him as he starts his ministry at UUCS on that Sunday. Your Board is very excited about our future together.

This busy July has again reminded me how important UUCS is to so many of us. This is a Religious Community where people drive an hour on Sundays to be here. Where our Community extends as far away as Alabama, Tennessee, Montana, and now Missouri, and members move across state lines to be closer to this Community. Where we started the first Upstate Pride Parade, held the first meeting of Upstate Chapter of Americans United, performed the first same-sex marriage, achieved Green Sanctuary status, became a Welcoming Congregation, sponsored the first two Spartanburg Earth Day Events, and have an ongoing Humanist group. With Scott’s leadership, we will reach many more milestones to write about; I truly believe that.

But our children will be going back to school soon and summer is winding down. We have to plan for our Volunteer Fair at UUCS on Sunday, September 17, our Booth at the Upstate Pride Event on Saturday, November 4, and our Annual Auction later in November. So we will need to get all committees started soon. Maintenance of our facilities is always an ongoing concern and we will need your help here as well. Lastly, I would like to express thanks to our Worship Committee for providing us programming during these summer months. You will be meeting with Scott soon to plan our Sunday worship services.

As we suffer through watching our dysfunctional national government try to destroy our healthcare system, deny climate change, deport immigrants, defund Planned Parenthood, and so much more, it’s important to be able to go to a Caring Community like ours to recharge. Enjoy the rest of your summer.



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