From Your President – November 2018

Modified on: October 25, 2018

Dear Members and Friends,

Here are some notes from my personal-periscope-point-of-view of UUCS.

August 24-25, the Board of Trustees and other leaders attended a retreat facilitated by a resource associate with the UUA Southern Region. As a part of this, the Board set five goals for this church year, labeled as: (1) Complete Wilde Hall Planning; (2) Develop Financial Strategy; (3) Build RE Program; (4) Build Connections and Share Connections; and (5) Oversight/Advancing Social Justice Work. (BTW, the “Build RE Program” goal is no criticism of our current program; rather it acknowledges that we have opportunities to expand.) On the face of it, this is a very ambitious set of goals. However as we talked about this at our October meeting, it was pointed out that in fact UUCS is already engaged in pursuing each these goals to varying degrees, so that the Board’s best path is to look for ways we can help with things already in progress under the leadership of our awesome committee chairs and volunteers.

On October 6, I saw a group of dedicated parents and helpers making major additions and improvements to the church playground. When you get a chance, go look at the climb-on airplane that can fly with a half dozen kids onboard! The next day, I was among the many people that had a great time at the UUCS Hatcher Garden picnic. Great food, conversation, relaxing in the shade, giant bubbles, Frisbee, softball toss, lots of kids playing on the grass. Social events like this are a treasured part of UUCS life for me.

The Volunteer Fair on September 23 had somewhat low attendance since many people were dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, but it was still very valuable in the way it builds connections which strengthen our church.

We are about to launch into the construction phase of Wilde Hall kitchen development – you should start to see things moving very soon!

I’ve enjoyed attending a couple of Wednesday evening meditations, and am one of the many people who revel in the great Sunday music created by the choir and other contributors, which I feel blessed to be a part of.

In love and peace, Fred Stoll

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