From Your President – March 2020

Modified on: February 26, 2020

February was an extremely busy month at UUCS. We had just kicked off our 2020-2021 “Living Our Mission-Expanding Our Reach” at our January 26 Luncheon and work has been done throughout February and concluding in early March on our Annual Pledge Drive. Much thanks goes to our Stewardship Chairman Brannon Carter and our President-Elect Linda Leible for all their hard work to support our Beloved Religious Community. I would also like to thank Alice Sutton, Ruth Stanton, Deb Williams, Mel Fritsche, Mary Underwood, Joyce Harrison, Pam Stoll and Bernie Kakuse for their Sunday Testimonials in support of UUCS and why they support our Generosity Giving Campaign. We hope to raise $235,000 or more in this year’s Annual Fund.

February 2020 will be remembered for the Tornado Storm that went through Spartanburg. Luckily our building suffered very little damage but we had several trees down as well serious damage to our Playground and the its fences. I really appreciated the fast responses from our Building and Grounds Committee members for contacting our tree removal company, talking to our insurances claims adjuster, and getting estimates for new fencing and playground equipment. Thank you Deb Williams, Karen Mitchell, Rob Gettings and John Phifer for all you did.

February also saw the conclusion of our Death and Dying Monthly fourth Sunday Adult RE Classes put on by Dr. Garry Snipes and Lisa Mowery. Thank you both for your great and informative classes on such an important topic. Unfortunately, I was able to only listen to parts of your lectures but I gained a lot from what I heard. Thanks again.

Lastly, I would like to thank one of our Board Trustees, Pegg Hamrick, for willingness to take on a yearly fundraiser on Sunday, February 23 when I could not find any group or individuals willing to chair this annual event. Peggy then recruited her daughter, Mary Underwood and Stacy Jackson and they came up with the Stone Soup Fundraiser. It was another great event at UUCS. Thank you so much for everyone who donated their favorite soup recipes, breads, and desserts. Our Stone Soup Event raised over $1,000 which goes into our operating funds.


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