From Your President – July 2020

Modified on: August 1, 2020

Welcome to another year at UUCS. My name is Linda Leible and I will be serving as your President this year. I would like to thank our outgoing board members Rick Hahnenberg, Rob Gettings, Julie Harling and Brannon Carter. They have done a great job this year. Please welcome our new board members Robin Carter our President-Elect, Janice Tuck our Secretary, Betty Koester, Trustee and Kristie Magnuski, Trustee. Pate Randall remains as Treasurer and Peggy Hamrick as a Trustee.
Rev. Scott Neely will be out of the pulpit for 6 weeks starting July 1st. The worship team has got a fantastic summer lineup on UU women heroes to start us off on.

The OneSC Fund has awarded a grant to us on behalf of the statewide coalition of non-profits serving the Latinx immigrant community in SC that we are helping to organize. The amount is for $37,500, and our Social Justice chair, Alice Sutton will be helping to make decisions on spending the grant money.

The Grimke mural will be started the first week of July. We thank Karen Mitchell and the LWV for bringing this project to the Church and neighborhood. A presentation by the artist, Nancy Corbin, is planned via Zoom for Wednesday, July 1 at 6:00pm.

We have been averaging 350 views per week of our services since March. This would not be possible without the skills of Scott Neely and Anne Garner, Andrew Cooke on video, Erin Galloway and Keith Plumley for the music and Fred Stoll and Ed Stokes on the sound board. Big thanks to all the good folks that come every week to assist on the sidelines.

There was such a large amount of people that voted for the Combination Project for our Social Justice project this year, reflecting the intense commitment our congregation feels for so many social justice issues. We voted for the most challenging option, and, less than 10 days later, we’re getting a powerful start on our plan.

If anyone has any announcements over the summer, please send them to me by Friday so they can be included on Sunday mornings.

As we move forward this year, wear your masks everywhere, keep your family and friends safe and practice social distancing. Don’t hesitate to call on any board members if you need something. At some point we will be able to come back together. I want to see every one of you there.

Stay Safe,

Linda Leible, 2020 – 2021 UUCS Board of Trustee President


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