From Your President – February 2020

Modified on: January 24, 2020

We are now in the first week of our Annual Pledge Drive and I hope that all our members and friends will help us again this year to give what you can to support our religious society. Our goal this year is to raise $235,000 for our annual pledge drive. Last year we raised over $229,000 in our Living Our Mission drive led by Linda Leible. This year our Living Our Mission-Expanding our Reach is led by our Stewardship Chair Brannon Carter and Co-Chaired by our President-Elect, Linda Leible.

Our staff budget runs approximately $170,000 which is about 70% our budget. Our staff includes our Minister, Rev. Scott Neely,our RE Director Sybil Argintar, our Music Director Keith Plumley, our Office Administrator Pat Landry, and our Sexton Ron Fowler. Our Ministerial Intern who is not on our payroll is Anne Garner. We also have
two contract workers Monnie Cannon, and Miga Batten. As well as 60+ volunteers that gives hundreds even thousands of volunteer hours given in our church year. This includes our Worship Committee, Membership Committee, Social Justice Committee, RE Committee, Personnel Committee, Finance Committee, Hospitality Committee, Building & Grounds Committee, Personal Care Associates, Communications Committee, Adult RE Volunteers, Coffee House Committee, UUCS Choir, our Covenant Groups, and our Board of Trustees. Thank you all for your efforts. The remaining 30% of our budget expenses includes, Building, Grounds, Utilities, & Mortgage 14.6%, Committees Expenses 7.9%, U UA Dues 5.1%, and finally Office Expenses 2.4%. This does not include over $40,000 that we will spend to finish the Wilde Hall Kitchen with appliances and a major electrical upgrade and other upgrades to our facility. Funds for Wilde Hall will come from our of savings,special gifts from members and friends and a generous Chalice Lighters grant from the UUA Southern Region. The Wilde Hall renovation will be completed soon.

We hope to complete our Annual Fund Drive by the end of February. In these troubled times we need this religious community more than ever. Please donate what you can to this special place.

Peace & Love,

Rick Hahnenberg
President, UUCS Board of Trustees

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