From Your President

Modified on: February 5, 2018

While February is the shortest month of the year, it will be a busy one at UUCS. First though, I must thank our mem- bers for their strong support of Scott Neely as our settled minister. He was elected with over 98% approval from our congregation. Since Scott is no longer on a one-year contract, this will give him the opportunity to work and develop long-term goals and create innovative programs at UUCS. Welcome aboard, Scott! We are so glad that you are here.

February is the start of our Annual Fund Campaign. We hope that you consider making a generous pledge to support our UU Community here in Spartanburg. Your pledge in February will not start until July 2018. Your 2018-19 donations will support the salaries of Scott, Sybil Argintar (director of religious education), Keith Plumley (director of music), Pat Landry (office administrator), Ron Fowler (sexton), Monnie Cannon (Unison coordinator), Miga Batten (bookkeeper), and our childcare workers. While Scott is our only full-time employee; all our staff put in full-time efforts to bring liberal religion to Spartanburg and create a caring community throughout the entire year. That does not count the hundreds if not thousands of hours that our members and friends give to this religious community to make it a special place.

Paying our staff, paying our utility bills, insurance, and UUA dues, and paying for maintenance on our buildings and grounds all cost money. Our annual budget requires us to raise around 80% or more of that amount to meet our expenses with your annual pledges. Linda Leible will be chairing our Annual Fund Committee. During our four- to-six-week annual fund campaign we have challenged you this year to help us raise $215,000 for our budget for July 2018 to June 2019. Since Scott now has a long-term contract with UUCS, thanks to your support, he is extremely excited about adding new programs to expand our religious message to the Spartanburg community. You will be able to pledge again either online or in person with one of our annual fund stewards.

Please help us financially with whatever you are able to afford. If you are like Ruth and me, you get financial requests almost daily. Keep in mind though, when making your Annual Pledge, what you get from our Sunday worship services with our remarkable music program led by Keith, or Sybil’s growing RE program, and lastly from Scott’s thought-provoking sermons, writings, and leadership. Keep our chalice burning brightly.

Love and Peace


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