From the Board President

Modified on: August 22, 2017

The end of April is here already and we have so much to celebrate at UUCS. I hope you will join us at our Annual Congregational Meeting next Sunday, May 7, immediately following the service. Since joining UUCS in 2014, I’m still getting used to the rhythms and schedules of the church year. I can’t believe this one is already drawing to a close, although there is still much work to achieve. Our leadership development committee has put forth an outstanding slate of Board and officer candidates for election, and we have a strong budget proposal that puts more resources into our youth education program and development of Wilde Hall. We’ll also get an update from our Ministerial Search Team on their ongoing efforts to recruit a settled minister. Trust me, I don’t like a long meeting either, so we’ll keep it brief and positive.

I’m so proud of everything you’ve achieved for UUCS this year. We’ve started to address some tough issues, such as the status (dare I say “stasis”) of our Covenant Group program; dedicated our downstairs as “Wilde Hall,” start- ing what I feel will be a new era of focus on this resource; met our goal of raising $200,000 in our Annual Fund Campaign while paying off some long-term debt; staged a truly spectacular Earth Day Festival; and much more; all while focusing on our board goal of “Building a Culture of Positivity and Gratitude.” And we did all this while undergoing a ministerial transition and searching for a settled minister. The road ahead will not be free of conflicts and challenges. It never is. But thanks to you I’ve come to know a congregation that can work together to achieve great things in an atmosphere of love and positivity. I hope you will come to the meeting next Sunday so I can thank you for all you do for UUCS.

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