“Et In Terra Pax”

Modified on: December 21, 2017

“And on earth, peace.”
What a dream worth dreaming,
even if it is only a dream.

This is a season of both joy and sadness,
of illusion and wonder,
of belief and unbelief:

of feeling acutely what we have lost
and of reveling in what we have received;
of the exhilaration in giving a gift that reaches a friend’s heart,
and of the pain of a heart broken;
of brilliant night skies
and dark grey days;

of stars,
so beautiful,
so cold.

We feel it all during these winter holidays,
all that we love
and all that we wish were otherwise.

As we wait through the longest night,
as we sing songs of dreams beyond belief,

you be the dream,
you be the love that goes beyond:

offer peace to everyone you meet
on this sad and joyful earth.

Peace to you,


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