Children and Youth

Modified on: November 29, 2016

Religious Education Curriculum's 2016 - 2017

Infant through Preschool

Childcare will be provided by our trained staff, Elsa and Eleanor, every Sunday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

4K to Second Grade

(Late Preschool, Early Elementary)

Spirit Play ~ This group will explore the seven guiding principles of our faith within the framework of stories, activities, and “wondering” questions. Each principle or promise will be color-coded to create a rainbow of ideas and thoughts for children to explore.

Third to Eighth Grades

(Upper Elementary, Middle School)

Neighboring Faiths and World Religions ~ Children and youth, with their teacher guides, will select a variety of faith communities to learn about, and through the year create a comparison chart to our own UU principles. Each faith community explored will begin with an introduction (often with a guest speaker from that community), followed by a visit to a service of that community, and then an integration time of what has been learned and how it relates to our own guiding principles. Parents will be welcome to join in during the visits to other faith communities.

Ninth through Twelfth Grades

(High School)

Topics of Interest ~ For two Sundays every month, we will offer a discussion group for our high school youth. Focus areas will be selected by the youth, and discussion will be facilitated by teacher guides. Some areas for discussion could include race relations, climate change, treating others fairly, LGBT issues, etc. These topics can be related to what it means to be a UU and how to apply our UU principles to these wider world areas of concern and interest.

  • Children and youth should proceed directly to their classrooms. Children and youth will have their own gathering time and chalice lighting in their classrooms.
  • The 1st Sunday of the month will be a Time For All Ages (TFAA). On that Sunday, children will be dismissed after the TFAA.
  • All children and youth should be signed in and out of their classrooms by a parent or guardian.

Grades 4K ~ 'Spirit Play'

Teachers: Amanda, Amber, Kristie, Nickole

Grades 3-8 ~ 'Neighboring Faiths'

Teachers: Terry Christy, Al

Childcare is available 9:30am - 12:30pm every Sunday for infant thru preschool

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