The work Adult Enrichment Committee is to “develop adult enrichment and education opportunities”.

Be on the lookout in this space for future learning opportunities. A new committee is forming whose role is to produce programs aimed at adult learning. The role of the committee is not to produce content, but rather to facilitate other facilitators in arranging programs. We are looking for committee members to represent the diverse life stages of the congregants. We welcome all ideas for programs. Reach out to the committee chair, Jim Scanlan, at

Upcoming events:

Don’t Fear the Reaper: An Exploration of Modern Death

A Long Strange Trip: A History of Unitarian Universalism

Social Justice Movie Nights

Covenant Groups

Are you searching for a way to feel more connected to others within the church? A wonderful way to connect and gain a better understanding of your own views at the same time is through our covenant groups. These are small groups that meet monthly to discuss a specific topic. Topics are different every month and give each person a chance to discuss their own thoughts and hear others’ ideas. The topics follow monthly themes that also occur in worship.
Groups follow a standard format beginning with a check-in to see how members are doing. Then there’s a short reading followed by quotes related to the topic. After that, each member can share thoughts without being interrupted. Finally, everyone is invited to discuss thoughts or ideas that come up while listening to one another.
Groups meet at various times during the month, making it easy to find one to fit your schedule. More on the Covenant Groups page.

Our Whole Selves: Body, Mind, and Spirit

2:00 to 3:30 p.m. on Most Wednesdays

Wednesday afternoon programming centers on the body, mind, and spirit … that is, Our Whole Selves, with each week providing a different emphasis. Check the church newsletter, and web calendar for monthly details.

Humanist Group

This is a long-running group in our church that meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 (6:30 social time) to discuss issues related to humanism, science, politics, and other “secular” subjects. For more information, contact Don M. or Marion T, or see our Humanists page. You may also contact us at