Hello to all RE families!

While we are physically apart, we’ll continue to gather in spirit, and sometimes “face to face virtually”, through the weeks ahead.

Sybil Agintar, UUCS Religious Education Director, dre@uucs.org – Jim Scalon, UUCS Adult Enrichment Chair, ae@uucs.org

Children and Youth

By Friday of each week, as we remain in a situation for no in-person activities, Sybil will get lesson plans and other activities out to parents to do at home. If anyone has any needs or concerns, do not hesitate to contact her at dre@uucs.org. Sybil will be working from home for now but will be checking emails regularly.

Adult Enrichment

The work Adult Enrichment Committee is to “develop adult enrichment and education opportunities”.

Adults have the opportunity to join Covenant Groups, attend the Humanist meetings, Wonderful Wednesday afternoons, and other occasions held throughout the church year. Please check the UUCS calendar.