Come To Our Shores

Modified on: August 1, 2018

“But here’s an unlucky wanderer strayed our way
and we must tend him well. Every stranger and beggar
comes from Zeus….So, quick, my girls,
give our newfound friend some food and drink….”
(The Odyssey, Book VI. 226-230)

When Odysseus, war-ravaged and shipwrecked, washes up on the shores of the Phaeacians, the young princess Nausicaa sees in him not a threat or burden but a responsibility—even a blessing—sent from the gods.

Plato called Homer, the legendary poet of the Odyssey, “the one who has taught Greece.” And the core teaching of the Odyssey is hospitality. When war destroys nations and economies, when people wander the earth homeless, seeking refuge, the way to rebuild civilization and to become fully human is to welcome them.

So teach epics, scriptures, and wisdom traditions of cultures around the world.

Why is this so difficult to learn?

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