Modified on: February 2, 2018


Energy is rising, and with it, ideas and ambitions.

Our Board has identified Adult Education as a key area of congregational life to cultivate this year. To hone our focus, the Committee on Ministry has designed a brief, 3-question survey to gauge best timeframes and topics of interest for future Adult RE programs.

Paper versions of the survey will be available on Sunday, but you may take the on-line version now—less than 5 minutes are needed to complete it:

And Click Here Too

Our Annual Fund Campaign launched this Sunday. Our goal this year $215,000. We pledge to the Annual Fund each year so that we can accurately build our budget together, accelerating our programs and providing for the maintenance and growth of our church.

If you have not yet pledged, please do so here:

Thank you for your insights, to build our Adult Education program.
Thank you for building our congregation through what we each give, financially and in so many other ways.
Thank you for your energy filling this place.

Thank you,


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