Modified on: April 4, 2018

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

— from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit

So let us celebrate. These next months, over the crest of spring to the heart of summer, we have music to sing and food to eat, until drums sound at the Summer Solstice in June.

“Fools,” and Easter Egg Hunt Sunday, April 1, 11:00 am

April Fools, Passover, and Easter converge for a celebration of spring in all its exuberance and joy. Stay for the egg hunt on the church grounds immediately after the Sunday Service.

Earth Day Celebration Saturday, April 21, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

A community festival, hosted at UUCS, celebrating stewardship, sustainability, and the Earth we share and love. To lend a hand, contact Joyce Harrison or Alice Sutton.

Dedication of Children Sunday, May 6, 11:00 am

The dedication of children by their families, encircled by our community of faith. A service of commitment, to promise ourselves in the long-term support of our families and children.

Annual Religious Education Intergenerational Service, Sunday, May 20 — 11:00 am

Our children and youth will lead us in the annual RE intergenerational service. The theme this year is “Return to Peace” and will include the presentation of a peace quilt that the children and youth are now creating. Come support our young people as they lead us. Come feel their energy.

Service of Ordination, Sunday, May 20, 3:00 pm

Our congregation will ordain Scott Neely as our minister, welcoming members of the greater community into our church for the occasion. Please join in this celebration of our ministry together!

Flower Communion and Annual Meeting, Sunday, June 3,11: 00 am

A service of great beauty, to which we each bring flowers as a symbol of our life together; followed by our Annual Meeting, to celebrate all we have accomplished together this year.

Summer Solstice, Thursday, June 21, (Time TBA) continuing into the evening Outside!

Drumming and songs at the height of summer. After all, as Tolkien writes, “Elvish singing is not a thing to miss, in June under the stars, not if you care for such things.” Come.

Merry, heal the world its woes


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