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There are an abundant 490 hymn selections within our 2 UU hymnals. Sadly, most congregations consistently use on 15-20 of these on a regular basis.

During each month of 2020 we’ll explore at least 1 unfamiliar hymn. Hearing it sung by the choir or presented as an instrumental arrangement will aid in learning these potential new favorites!

Feel free to make the music director aware if there is a particular hymn you’d suggest we consider trying.


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It’s been a thrilling experience this year to see the number of folks involved in our music program at UU of Spartanburg. Adult & children’s choirs have experienced growth as have ensembles and those interested in providing instrumental music– including our recently organized drumming group.

The Unitarian Universalist Association states a UU congregation is considered to have a healthy music program when 10% of the SundaymorningSunday mornings consistently connected with the music program.

Preparing service music requires time and a special commitment from all involved. A visit to the church campus during the week—morning, afternoon or evening may find music folks participating in rehearsals.

Our future looks bright!

With Gratitude,


Thanks to all who joined in offering inspiring vocal and instrumental music during the December holiday season. Many of the music-makers attended extra weeknight rehearsals in addition to Sunday practices prior to the morning service.

We’re growing! The blossoming and enthusiastic Children’s Choir program, along with an increase in active Adult Choir members, has precipitated reconfiguring and increasing choir-room seating. The choir room, located on the lower level Wilde Hall, can now comfortably accommodate our additional singers.

Becoming involved in our music program as a choir member or instrumentalist will likely enhance your worship experience. Involvement in a music program fosters new friendships while strengthening the sense of community. January is an ideal time since we begin with new music. The ability to carry a tune is the only requirement.

Adult Choir rehearsals begin on January 7 at 9:30 a.m. in the choir room.

Children’s choir rehearsals will resume following the morning service on January 21.

Happy New Year!