Several years ago, our Pastoral Care Associates (PCA) team emphasized and promoted the need for Emergency Contact Information for UUCS members and friends.  During covid and also in times of regular church attendance, this emergency contact information has proven critical in meeting the needs of individuals in our congregation in times of crisis.

It’s time now, to promote this project again and to encourage the updating of this information.

The information that is collected is considered confidential and is only accessed in  “need to know” circumstances by authorized church leaders.

You can share your emergency contact information in three ways:

  • Fill out an Emergency Contact Information form and turn it into Joyce Harrison or Mitch Eisner during our outdoor services beginning in April.
  • Mail a copy of the form to the church office:
    • UUCS, P. O. Box 1942, Spartanburg, SC 29304
  • Go on Breeze, go to your entry, scroll down to In Case of Emergency.
    • Hover over In Case of Emergency and click to edit section.
    • You can fill in your information there.  Please include the date in the Information Updated section.
    • Directions for accessing Breeze
  • If you provided emergency contact information in past years, please take time to update your information by one of the methods above.

Thank you for helping with this.

Pastoral Care Associates
Mitch Eisner and Joyce Harrison, co-chairs

Dear UUCS Members & Friends,

A team of church members has developed a pictorial directory to help us all know one another better. This directory has been painstakingly compiled from submitted and publicly available pictures researched by the team, including some from the previous directory from more than a decade ago! The directory is password protected for privacy. It may be viewed here. If you are a member or friend who does not have the password, please e-mail to receive it.

Since September 2020, 3 people have let us know they do not want their picture included in the directory, and we have honored their request. 119 people have indicated that they do want to be included. However, we still have not heard either way from more than 128 people. We want to protect everyone’s privacy, and we want to include as many people as possible in the directory so it is as useful as possible. This is a wonderful way for us to know one another better, especially during the pandemic.

Following the church policy adopted in 2015 for password protected, private publications, we ask that you please tell us if you do not want to have your picture included in the directory. If we do not hear from you by March 7, we will include your picture until you indicate otherwise. E-mail telling us not to include your picture. You may ask to have your picture excluded or removed from the directory at any time. You may also submit a new picture of yourself at any time. Just e-mail your picture to

We encourage you to upload your picture to Breeze as well, and update your Breeze profile anytime you have a change of address or phone number. This is extremely helpful to keep our records current so we can stay in touch with you. If you need assistance, please contact

Thank you to everyone who has made this project possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me (

On behalf of the pictorial directory team—

Scott Neely

Our Pastoral Care Associates (PCA) team will be making caring calls to UUCS members and friends over the next few weeks to check in with everyone. Who knew the coronavirus pandemic would last so long? Who knew that there would be so many casualties due to job, food, financial, health, and housing insecurities, that so many other anxiety-causing situations would compound the health crisis? We’re all experiencing multiple stressors. Friends can help!

The PCA is initiating a means for us to reach out to one another: LUVUU. We can each connect to others in our congregation through emails, cards/ecards, text messages, an invitation for a Zoom chat or a backyard visit with chairs at a distance. Maybe you’d like to share some baked goods, a few apples, a candy bar or two, a small plant, or a photo of a shared occasion remembered. Reach out to folks you care about or a church member or friend in your geographic area. You can use Breeze to discover folks who share your zip code. If you get a LUVUU note or surprise, pay it forward to someone else as we reconnect with those we’ve missed being with for so long now. LUVUU will begin right away and continue through the end of the year. Who doesn’t like a surprise? Each of these ideas and those you come up with yourself will say “thinking of you,” “missing you,” or “hang in there,” when it’s most needed! Our UUCS children are impacted, too, please reach out to them in loving ways as well. We’ve been missing them and they’ve been missing us at church, too.

UUCS Members and Friends, please enter password then click ‘enter’ button to access this page. If you do not have the password, contact the Office Administrator at or 864-585-9230 

UUCS Members and Friends, please enter password then click ‘enter’ button to access this page. If you do not have the password, contact the Office Administrator at or 864-585-9230 

For UUCS Membership Committee use only

For UUCS Members and Friends
‘Breeze’ Reminders (Breeze is UUCS database)

If you are having a problem logging into your ‘Breeze’ (profile) account, please note that:

  • Only one account can be logged into at a time on any device. If sharing a device with another person, please log out of your account when you are done so that no one else can access your information and special access and that they can log into their account information and access.
  • Only UUCS Members and Friends have access to account information. If you are interested in becoming a UUCS Member or Friend, please email or speak to a ‘Greeter’ at the weekly Sunday service.
  • Access to ‘Breeze’ account through the UUCS website,, by clicking ‘MY INFO ACCOUNT‘ located in the upper right corner of website.
  • REMINDER: The church code for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spartanburg is ‘uusptnbg(not uucs – it is church code for UU Spokane).
  • If you are a member or friend of UUCS and need an invite, please email with your request.

Rental Procedure


Renter is to complete and sign UUCS Application for Building Use/Rental. S/he should read and receive a copy of the Rules of Facilities Usage page and agree to it. UUCS representative signs accepted application and makes a copy for the renter.


$50 refundable deposit fee for damages, plus 50% of rental fee is collected at time contract is signed to hold the date. Total Rent is due no later than two weeks before the event, or event will be canceled.


The $50 non-refundable fee for Sexton to open and close the building. Current keyholders and long-term space renters please contact Office Administrator,, for more information.


Maybe done at any time before the event, usually when renter signs contract. Instructions are given on operating heat/ac, and location of lights, fire extinguishers, fire exits.

Deposit Refund

We request a report from our sexton on any damages or non-routine cleaning necessary. Some straightening of furniture, sweeping, bathroom touch-up, is to be expected. Non-routine items would include, but is not limited to, tables and chairs needing to be broken down, mopping, kitchen clean-up. Excessive clean-up will result in forfeiture of all or part of the fee for damages deposit.


All UUCS activities and events and all rentals by members and non-members must be scheduled on the Administrator’s master calendar. The Administrator may be contacted sending an email to

Scheduling priority will be given to UUCS activities and events, then to other member and non-member usage, whether paid or unpaid, on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Paid rentals will not be considered “booked” until the signed contract and deposit are received.
In the event of a church emergency, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule events or change area of usage.

General Rental Fees

  • Sanctuary – $300 (4 hours – $50 each additional hour)
    • plus Piano – $50 regular use
    • plus Piano – $100 concert
  • Fellowship Hall – $150 (4 hours – $25 each additional hour)
    • plus Piano – $50 regular use
  • Kitchen (add-on)  $30 (4 hours – $5 each additional hour)
  • Wilde Hall (Lower Level) – $100 (4 hours – $25 each additional hour) Due to upgades, Wilde Hall is unable until further notice.
  • Classroom – $10/per hour (meeting/changing room, etc.)
  • Grounds  $100 (4 hours – $25 each additional hour)
  • Sound Tech Support – $25/per hour – Payable to Technician
  • Sexton – $50 (to open and close building)

Member Usage at No Charge

Members may use the Sanctuary at no charge for Rites of Passage (such as Wedding, Memorial Service). This does not include annual milestones such as birthday parties or anniversaries.

Member, Friend, Non-profit Fees

Please contact Office Administrator for a member, friend or non-profit rental fees.


All requests for exceptions to the above will be referred to the Board of Trustees.


November 2015