Bodies of Knowledge

Modified on: March 1, 2018

This spring, April 9-11, USC-Upstate will host its 8th annual Bodies of Knowledge Conference, “a symposium about embodied knowledge of LGBTQ lives, a symposium that makes space for LGBTQ bodies, a symposium dedicated to increasing and improving the knowledge in circulation about LGBTQ people.”

The conference is led and organized by the Director of Women’s & Gender Studies at USC-Upstate, UUCS member Dr. Lisa Johnson-Marsala. Lisa will lead our Sunday service on March 25, drawing together a month-long celebration of Women’s History and our deep ecology as humans living in this particular time and place.

The theme of the Bodies of Knowledge conference this year is “Creating A Better World for LGBTQ People.” This extraordinary event offers us the opportunity to strengthen community in our region, in this our home; and to deepen our understanding of ourselves and one another as we strive to build a better world for every one of us. Bodies of Knowledge is open to the public. Please, come to any part that you are able to attend. Let us strengthen one another in this, our time and place:


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