A Teacher of the World

Modified on: August 21, 2018

When I first began offering classes in comparative religions at USC-Upstate, many years ago now, the students in my courses would talk constantly about another teacher, Dr. Dave Damrel. Associate Professor of Religion at USC-Upstate, Dr. Damrel was known to these students for three things above all:

  1. that he knew their names;
  2. that he was unfailingly kind; and
  3. that he began all of his world religions classes with a map test of the world.

Dave Damrel will speak with us this Sunday on “Radical Love in Islamic Mysticism”. A scholar of Sufism and the recipient of two Fullbright scholarships to teach comparative religions in Indonesia, Dave is a person of honed expertise and extraordinary travel, and of immense gentleness.

He is a teacher of the world, and he will pass through our door this Sunday. Please come to hear this wonderful man share with his. His students remember him; you will too.


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