A Grateful Fear

Modified on: December 27, 2017

At the conclusion of our beautiful candlelight Christmas Eve service this past Sunday night, I spoke with one of our congregation’s brilliant musicians, a person who pours themselves out in time and energy to offer all of us, week by week, the music we so enjoy.

“Thank you for tonight,” I said. “Thank you for all you have given this fall. I am so grateful.”

“Thank you,” they responded graciously—and then, with mischief bright in their eyes, whispered, “I am very excited about what is coming, and a little terrified.”

What a wonderful place to be at the start of the New Year—grateful for the road we have traveled, energized by the road before us, and a little frightened of where it might lead. So much possibility lies before us. We can only be certain that life will ask of us our very best.

But we are already asking that of ourselves, and so—we are ready. Thank you for all you have done this fall to welcome me, my family, and so many of us into the Holy Family of this congregation. We are on a road together, and we do not know where it will lead. But we are ready.

In grateful fear for what life will ask of us,

and in anticipation of our ability to more than answer,

I am full of gratitude this New Year.

Thank you, every one,


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