A Rainbow of Promises

Sybil Argintar, RE Youth, and Volunteers

Please join us for a Mother’s Day Breakfast from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. and then stay for our annual Religious Education Sunday. Our younger children will present their promises (based on our seven principles) and our youth will share the golden rules from many different faith traditions. The morning will be filled with music from the choir and gratitude for the many volunteers who were part of the “RE Village” this year. PLEASE come support our children and youth and show them how important they are to the life of this congregation!

Gods of Destruction and Creation

In our own personal lives and in our collective life as a society there is a vast interplay of forces – some hugely creative, others wantonly and viciously destructive. Destroying things is a lot easier than creating them, so we humans have to learn how to channel our impulses to destruction for more generative results. Let’s consider what our skills are in this area, and how we can help to bring them into wider use personally and in our world.

Annual Meeting after the service