“Where in our hearts is / That burning of desire?
…sometimes with a sigh you can cross that vast desert.” (Mohammed Iqbal)

The Sun within us.

The Roots of Islamic Meditation

Islamic scholar and retired Wofford librarian Ibrahim Hanif will speak with us about practices of meditation in the Islamic tradition. A great friend of our congregation, the gentleness of Mr. Hanif’s voice and the measure of his words speak already the peace at the heart of Islam.

Cold Water

“I salute you in the springing of cypresses / and in the sheen of lakes, the laughter of fountains.” (Shams Ud-Dun Mohammad Hafiz)

Pouring sweat and parched, we descended to a dark grove. A stream ran over rocks. We sat down to drink, to rest, to breathe: pure energy enlivening us again.