Teddy Bear Sunday

“The eternal silence of these infinite spaces terrifies me.” (Blaise Pascal, Pensées)

Bring new or gently used teddy bears and stuffed animals to donate to agencies working with children who have been removed from their homes or displaced. These will be distributed through Spartanburg City Public Safety, Hope Center for Children, Safe Homes/Rape Crisis, and other agencies that serve children and their families. Bring light into the vast darkness around us.

The Winter Sky

Map the December evening sky with special guest Dr. Greg Boeshaar, Wofford professor of astronomy and former NASA scientist who worked with the Hubble telescope. Tour the Winter constellations (double stars, star clusters, and the Orion Nebula) and see new solar systems and young stars being born. This service will launch our December theme, focusing on the stars of the winter sky. Come for this extraordinary presentation.

Thanksgiving Intergenerational Service

“Here then is the Amazement:
Against the odds of impending war,
In the mouth of bloody greed,
Human grace and human spirit can still conquer.” (from “Amazement Awaits,” by Maya Angelou)

Celebrate all that we have to be grateful for at our annual intergenerational Thanksgiving service. This is a gathering of warmth, friendship, and fellowship. All, come.

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