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September – from your President

Andrew W. UUCS President 2016-2017

September 1, 2017

School has just started for our RE children and summer is winding down. One of my most favorite services of the year is our annual Water Service. Here we can share our travels both locally and far away with our church family and combine the waters of the many lakes, rivers, and streams that we visited. While UUs are not folks who normally like rituals, this is one ritual that most of us enjoy and look forward to each year. It also marks the beginning of another church year.

Your Board will be meeting on the third Wednesday of the month. We have many things on our agenda that we will need to do. Most of all is to get Scott, our new minister, acclimated to Unitarian Universalism. Our Board will be hosting a start-up retreat at the end of September. The UUA is sending a UU minister from New Jersey to lead this retreat. The goal is to help Scott get off to a good start. Because of a very limited time schedule on the part of our UU retreat minister, only your Board of Trustees and the Committee on Ministry will be invited to this training.

A Clean-Up Saturday is being planned for September 9; your Board will be working on the details.

We will be holding a Volunteer Fair and a Covenant Group Sign-Up before and after the service on Sunday, September 17. Here committee chairs will let you know how you can help. We still need chairs for our Social Justice and Building and Grounds committees. Volunteering is one of the best ways I know to get to know others in our community. All our committees can use additional members. Please plan to attend the Volunteer/Covenant Group Fair and sign up for a committee or covenant group that will inspire you.

I would also like to announce that your Board has appointed Katherine Wakefield to complete the remaining eleven months of Tom Atwood’s two-year term. Tom and Lorraine have moved to Missouri to be closer to family. Thank you, Lorraine and Tom, for all the hard work that you both gave to our faith community during your short time with us. You will be missed.

Lastly, a committee is forming to do some improvements to Wilde Hall. Pam Stoll will be heading up that committee. Palma and Mitch Eisner have again agreed to head up our Annual UU Auction in November. For everyone else who has been donating his or her time to help make UUCS a Beloved Community. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Peace and Love,

Rick Hahnenberg


Andrew W. UUCS President 2016-2017

August 10, 2017

Scott J. Neely begins his full-time ministry with UUCS on August 14, and he will be in the pulpit on Sunday, August 20. Scott is a Spartanburg native and Wofford College graduate, and he holds a Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge MA.

From 2006-2015, he served at First Presbyterian Church as Director of Mission and then as Pastoral Executive. In 2015, he founded the Project for Community Transformation, a faith-based initiative to help strengthen congregations in addressing poverty and combating racism.

Scott is a founding board member of Speaking Down Barriers, a non-profit whose purpose is to bridge differences among people and build connections through community gatherings, dialogue, trainings, teaching, and presentations. With our congregation’s support and encouragement, he will continue his work with this organization whose values and mission align with those of UUCS.
A gifted teacher who has taught courses at USC-Upstate and Wofford, Scott will facilitate religious education classes for adults here at UUCS. He is also an artist with 17 solo or groups shows and installations. And he completed a through-hike of the Appalachian Trail in 6 months!

More information about Scott can be found on his website:

Please join the Board of Trustees in welcoming Scott to our Beloved Community!!

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