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UUCS President

April 2, 2018

Dear Members and Friends,

While spring has arrived and most folks are doing their spring planting, your Finance Committee and your Board of Trustees have been working on the 2018-19 budget beginning in July. This is never an easy task since there is usually a disagreement on how to allocate funding priorities. Our Finance Committee is chaired by Barbara Tisdale; other members include David Hudnall, Kim Danner, Linda Leible, Fred Stoll, and Pate Randall. Thank you, Finance Committee, for agreeing to serve.

Another committee that is very active but not very visible is our Pastoral Care Committee. The pastoral care associates are there to give comfort and support to our members and friends when difficult times arise. The committee is co-chaired by Joyce Harrison and Mitch Eisner. Thanks to all our PCA committee members: Abby Fowler, Angie Willes, Clare Van Sant, Dave Drum, John Tarrant, Judy Allen, Riley Lanier, Sally Hicks, and our minister, Scott Neely. The PCA Auxiliary Card Team includes Palma Eisner, Abby Fowler, Angie Willes, Annie Brasington, Barbara Tisdale, Cindy Howe, Jan Jerome, Sally Hicks, Riley Lanier, Sam Collins, and Seher Kul. This group is really doing terrific work. Thank you all so much.

Another one of our social justice projects is working with the Converse Neighborhood Association, of which we are a dues-paying member. We have committed to help clean up our neighborhood every other month on Saturday mornings. The clean-up crew is led by Ruth Stanton. Church members who showed up for this month’s clean-up included Pam and Fred Stoll, Alice Sutton, and Judy Allen.

While not a scheduled event, the March for Our Lives was attended by several of our members. If you drove to this event in Greenville, you may have seen Warren Bareiss, Lizah Ismail, and their son Ben; Peggy Hamrick and her granddaughter Sandra Underwood; and Seher Kul, Anne Waters, and Ruth Stanton. I also saw other UUs that I know from Greenville as well as members of the Upstate SC Chapter of AU. Ruth and I were glad we went to show our support against gun violence, and hope that we can finally get reasonable gun legislation in this country.

Peace and Love, Rick

From Your President

UUCS President

March 1, 2018

Dear Members and Friends,

First I would like to thank you so much for your generous pledges to our 2018-2019 Annual Fund. Without your continued financial support, this religious community could not be possible. While your pledge will not start until July, your Finance Committee, your program committees, and your Board of Trustees will start work on preparing next year’s spending priorities. I would very much like to thank Linda Leible for agreeing to chair this committee along with Fred Stoll and Karen Mitchell. Your minister, Scott Neely, also provided strong support and guidance from the pulpit as well at our occasional planning sessions. Thanks again for all who pledged and for all who donated their time and energy to our Annual Fund.

If you pledged you received from me a thank-you note asking you to keep Sunday, May 20, open on your calendar for the ordination ceremony for Scott. What does that mean? Ordination is an act by which a person becomes an “official” minister. A strict rule suggests that no one be titled “The Reverend” until after an ordination. Ordaining Scott will allow him to perform the sacrament of marriage as per South Carolina state law, and gives him the opportunities and privileges that ordained ministers may enjoy. This will be a very special occasion for Scott and his family as well as the members and friends of this congregation. This will be the first time in our 64-year UUCS history that we have ever ordained a minister. I hope that you can attend this special event.

I would like to thank our Souper Bowl fundraiser volunteers, led by Joyce Harrison, for a really successful fundraiser. Joyce has written her own article in this Unison, and our volunteer soup chefs and those who helped set up and clean up have all been listed. Thank you so much. The soups were really tasty and it was nice to use Wilde Hall for this event.

Finally, you may have noticed that our Sunday Worship Services are back on Facebook. We have purchased a copyright license so that we can safely broadcast our programs. The Communications Committee has also recently purchased a new video recorder that should be installed soon. I would like to personally thank Alan Jenkins and Andrew Cooke for all their hard work in making these important changes possible.

Thanks again to everyone who pledged and contributed to our Annual Fund.

Peace and Love,


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