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Update: Spartanburg Earth Day Festival

BAN THE STRAW! Spartanburg Campaign

It’s great to see this follow-through from earth day: the college students who worked at the drinking straw booth on earth day are continuing their anti-straw campaign with a presentation at USC Upstate, to a group of decision-makers at USC Upstate and others interested (that includes UUCS members). They write:

‘”We hope that this presentation creates a conversation to consider the reduction/elimination of plastic straws on our campus. This presentation is important because there a lot of issues with plastic straws – they pose threats to the environment and to human health. Plastic straws pose a threat to the safety of ocean animals that consume these straws and are dying because of this. There is also Bisphenol A (BPA) in some plastic straws which is threatening to human health. Straws are one of the smallest and yet major pollutants because we tend to neglect them when it comes to recycling.
During our presentation we will go over these different points in depth. We will hopefully convince all who come that plastic straws are worth either fully eliminating or that we need to at least reduce the use of straws in a way that benefits the environment and human health. We hope to see you there!


Dr. Renu Pariyadath’s Environmental Communication Students”

Their meeting is Tuesday, May 1st, 11.30am in the

University Readiness Center, room# 248.


“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
…Wendell Berry

The Spartanburg Earth Day Festival builds community, celebrates the many gifts we receive from Earth, and inspires participation in caring for our planet. 2018 Spartanburg Earth Day Festival is Saturday, April 21st, right here at UUCS and adjoining parking lots. Many of you are volunteering – thank you! If you can’t volunteer, please stop by to enjoy the festival.

Please note the following to enable a successful experience at the 2018 Spartanburg Earth Day Festival:

Parking: There will be some handicapped spaces available in the parking lot of the gray building (EHG) across the cul-de-sac from Staffing Associates. Please use these spaces if needed or kindly reserve them for folks who need them. Everyone else (volunteers and UUCS attendees) please park at Bethel UMC or Hope Center for Children (S. Converse Street). Parking will also be available on Wheeler Court. Drummers will be using our Hatcher House parking lot until 11:30. After that, the Hatcher House parking lot will be available to UUCS volunteers and members.

Food: Please pay cash for food purchases. Because we have to pay service fees for credit/debit card purchases, cash maximizes profits for our lemonade stand and other food vendors.

Rainy day: The festival will go on unless there is a deluge. If the festival has to be cancelled, Robino’s Food Truck will be parked in our front parking lot the next day, Sunday, the 22nd, to sell her delicious food on Sunday. The food truck business is negatively impacted by bad weather and many local food trucks have recently gone out of business. Providing space for the food truck on Sunday will allow our food vendor to minimize her losses and hopefully assure her continued success.

No April Espresso Coffee House

April coffee house is canceled – Looking forward to getting together in May!



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