Wonder Woman

Rev. Anne Garner - UUCS Assistant Minister
June 16, 2024 - 11:00am

I love her. You love her. We can all be her. (Sound of bracelets clashing).

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Rev. Anne Garner - UUCS Assistant Minister
June 23, 2024 11:00AM

Noodle: The greedy beat the needy, Willy. It's just the way of the world.
Willy: You're right, Noodle. I guess that's why there's one other thing to do.
Noodle: What's that?
Willy Wonka: Change the world.

June Service Theme

Technicolor Justice

Movies are good for you. They can boost your mood. They can help you relax and reduce stress. They can also move you to reflect on social and cultural themes. Here are four movies about real things, some harsh realities — unemployment, racism, sexism, greed. When life is filled with these real things, how can we live it in a way that is honest, serious, and effective, but also sustainable, enduring, and lasting? Play is a way we can do that, and we will be looking at ways to play all summer. I hope you will come play with us!

June Share The Plate

Voting Justice

Our June Share The Plate will support UUCS Voting Justice efforts.


We care for one another.


We are a people of faith and hope..


We care for our community.

Exploration of Faiths: Unitarian Universalists

Gratitude to the Spartanburg County Public Library and especially to Gwen Murtha for the opportunity to share about the Unitarian Universalist movement and our congregation in their Virtual Exploration of Faiths series.

Thank you to every person, whether part of our congregation or not, who makes this world more and more one in which we are Free To Love.

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