Six-Hundred-Year-Old Trees, One-Thousand-Year-Old Lichen

Rev. Scott Neely - UUCS Minister & Rev. Anne Garner - UUCS Assistant Minister
April 14, 2024 - 11:00am

Churchwide Retreat at The Mountain

But the nameless, the anonymous.
How, Poet, can you still invoke it? — I praise.

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

We will hold a simultaneous morning service both at the church retreat at the Mountain and at UUCS. Wherever you are, gather in the sacred grove of these places, this people, and feel the interconnectedness that joins us over space and time.

Upcoming Service

Justice for Earth Day

Guest Speaker - Rev. Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, SCUUJA Executive Director
April 21, 2024 11:00AM

Celebration of Earth Day

What do climate change, environmental concern and Earth Day have to do with justice? Our interdependence with each other and with the web of life help to illuminate this connection.

April Service Theme


O tell me Poet what you do? — I praise.
But the deathly and the monstrous,
How do you accept them, bear them? — I praise.
But the nameless, the anonymous.
How, Poet, can you still invoke it? — I praise.
Under every costume, every mask of us,
What right have you to be true? — I praise.
Or that the calm and the impetuous
Should know you, as star and storm? — Because I praise.
(Rainer Maria Rilke)

April Share The Plate

South Carolina Unitarian Universalist Justice Alliance (SCUUJA)

Our April Share The Plate will support South Carolina Unitarian Universalist Justice Alliance (SCUUJA).


We care for one another.


We are a people of faith and hope..


We care for our community.

Exploration of Faiths: Unitarian Universalists

Gratitude to the Spartanburg County Public Library and especially to Gwen Murtha for the opportunity to share about the Unitarian Universalist movement and our congregation in their Virtual Exploration of Faiths series.

Thank you to every person, whether part of our congregation or not, who makes this world more and more one in which we are Free To Love.

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